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The perfect operation system of our QA department can guarantee the mold quality by the inspection material or samples. With the help of the coordinate measuring machine which imported from coord3 S.P.A., Italy and the projector of the hardness-tester and some others fine measuring equipment of the QA department, all of material or samples can provide accurate inspection data to customers.

Asiacmold have earned a good reputation as "ship-stock'' supplier among our customers owing to our strict management in quality. All of our manufacturing sites have earned ISO 9001:2000 certification, which is a reward given due to our contribution to quality controls.

The quality management system of our QA department is designed to control the quality of the products. Our quality management staffs have an adequate educational background and rich experience. Personnel involved in the quality management includes quality engineers, quality technicians and inspectors.

We are confident that our QA team will ensure the quality of your product along with the newest equipments which we are always updating to close to the demand of customers.


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