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Asiacmold has rich experience to build the plastic injection mold.We set up R&D team to provide the mould design,mould building, mould development and mould management, various molds design, mould manufacturing; quality inspection and after sale service to all of our customers; 

Design team use CAD CAE and CAM to assist design, CAD output 2D drawing and 3D image; Different design software to ensure the optional plastic injection mold in the different type moulds, including OEMs within the Automotive, Medical, Aerospace and Electronics Industries.


 Gas Assist Injection Mould

Asiacmold is able to make the gas assist injection mould, This kind mould is used to produce components where a heavy wall section is required, also reduces sink on sample surface.




Thick Wall Section Processing

Asiacmold has capability to produce the molding of heavy wall sections in raw material where a thick samples wall is required.



 2K OR 3K Mould Process

Asiacmold has capability to produce the 2K and 3K moulds with the rotary table machine or 3K injection machine with extra device or babyplast device. We also can use upon request to create a cosmetic surface finish.


Over Mould Processing

Asiacmold also make the over mould or over moulding, using a soft TPE plastic resin material onto other hard material for substrate. We also has the capability to offer customers good price, good mould building, good servers, and perfect production to delivery. 


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